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Pietà with Sts. Andrew and Emidio
the first decade of the 16th century
tempera on panel
from Castriota chapel, formerly Brancia,
transept of the Cathedral

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The work dates back to the early 16th century, presumably to 1506, when George Castriota Skanderberg obtained from the Capitolo the chapel that had belonged to Martino Brancia.
There, he put the noble tomb and the panel with the Virgin and the deposed Christ with Saints Andrew and Emidio, once crowned by the figure of Saint George, which no lon-ger exists, inside a marble altar. The paint-ing, by commissioning a rank high-recall, as George Castriota was Treasurer of Piccolo-mini, feudal lords of the Duchy of Amalfi, was made by an artist greatly influenced by knowl-edge of the young Perugino and strongly relat-ed to Umbrian manner.

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