Sculpture Madonna 2

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Madonna on a throne
XV century (first decades)
Polychromed and carved wood

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This work is in a such bad state of conservation that it is not possible to admire entirely the good formal quality. It is unprecendented and there are no documentary evidences about it. The Virgin on throne is wearing a red dress held with a belt tied around her chest, the belt was once decorated with gems, as it is clear for the holes in the wood. Mary is wrapped in a deep blue cape rolled up on the arms, it ends up in large folds on her slightly open legs. From her head, once crowned, the veil comes down and it frames her face with soft folds. Its polychromy derives from an ancient restoration. It is possible that one of the missing hands could bear a Child standing on one leg like the Virgin of the Pomegranate of Iacopo della Quercia in Ferrara Cathedral, to which this work is typologically similar. Anyway, stylistically, the most persuasive comparison is with Queen Joanna of Ladislao tomb in San Giovanni a Carbonara in Naples, of the second decade of 1400. This Amalfi Virgin, made not so many years before, could be referred to one of the Tuscan artists who made the neapolitan funerary monument.