Fragments of the ambons

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Fragments of the ambons
Fragments of the ambons of the Archbishop Dionisio
Late 12th – 13th century beginnings
carved marble, glass pastes, enamels, gold leaf

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1 Frames between the arches and the case of ambon with foliage relief inhabited
by animals.
2 Undercase little arch with mosaic dedepicting parrots among plant shoots.
3 Rectangular parapet with mosaic motifs in quincunx.
4 Undercase little arch with geometric decoration.
5 Balustrades with quincunx decorative
mosaic pattern.
6 Salient range as fence with mosaic
pattern pillar surmounted by a double leaf capital.
7 Corner pillar with mosaic pattern pillar surmounted by a double leaf capital on which you set the sculpture of Samson that subdues the lion.
8 Corner pillar fragment depicting a mosaic of columns surmounted from vegetable spirals capitals and cornices with leaf pattern embossed.
9 Corner enclosure pilaster with mosaic depiction of columns surmounted from spirals capitals and embossed cornice with leaf pattern.


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