Sculpture Crucifix

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anonymous sculptor Pisan-Lucchese
early 14th century
carved and polychromed wood
from the basilica of the Crucifix

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The crucifix, perhaps to be identified with the Crucifixum magnum, is mentioned in the acts of the pastoral visit of Bishop Andrea de Cuncto del 1484. It was placed near the main altar of the basilica.
Received with no polychromy except the golden loincloth and maybe with a wig,
it belongs to the iconographic model of the painful Gothic Christs of early 14th century.
The dramatic force of the sculpture is represented by the painful eyes, half closed,
by the severity of the sharp face, and the stylized body geometry, the tension of the arms tendons, in marked contrast with
the rich exuberance of loincloth, typologically similar to solutions of Pisano-Lucchese

063Museo Amalfi 2015