Sculpture Saint Peter

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Saint Peter The Apostle
Nunzio Maresca (attr)
carved and polychromed wood
from the high altar of the Cathedral

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The sculpture is what, to date, has been received of the sumptuous wooden altar cona, consisting of numerous figures in bas-relief and all around, including those of Saints Peter and Andrew.
It was commissioned in 1595 by Bishop Julius Rossini to the Neapolitan sculptor Nunzio Maresca. The birth and death dates are
unknown, but they are documented in numerous works created between 1588 and 1629, mostly in Naples, as well as his 
collaboration with the leading exponents of figurative late Mannerist Neapolitan style.
The great machine of altar was removed from Bishop Stephan Quaranta between 1649 and 1678 because it prevents to appreciate the ancient mosaics of the apse.